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Scotch-Brite 220 Rectangular? Scouring Pad Clorox 91016 S.O.S Scrubbing Sponges Scotch-Brite 425 Scrub Sponge
Scotch-Brite? heavy-duty scour pad is for when its time to pull out all the stops. With its heavy-duty cleaning strength, you'll save on elbow grease when scrubbing the kitchen clean. Great for any serious indoor and outdoor scouring jobs. For those really tough cleaning jobs, the S.O.S heavy-duty scrubbing sponge gets the job done! This durable and heavy-duty sponge lets you tackle hard to clean messes in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and more. This powerful scouring sponge features an easy-to-hold shape that allows you to clean hard-to-reach crevices easier and faster. And it's dishwasher safe so you can toss it in the top rack to conveniently clean. Scotch-Brite? Heavy-duty scrub sponge for toughest to clean burnt-on messes. Remove tough, baked-on messes 50% faster than other sponges.
3M 520 Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Sponges STEEL BRIGHT SCOURERS         Quickie 101 Professional Dishwash Brush
Provides effective cleaning without scratching. Great for multi-purpose cleaning around the house and in the bathroom. Ideal for cleaning non-stick cookware. Sanitize in the dishwasher and reuse. BIRDWELL Cleaning Pad, Steel Abrasive Polypropylene fiber for dishware, glassware, pots and pans. Will not scratch, comes with scraper for stubborn stuck on foods. Dishwasher-safe. Handle with convenient hang-up feature.
SCRUB IT 2PACK                SuperTuff 10801 Colored Knit Rag CLOTH LENS CLEAN GRAY 7 X 6
BIRDWELL Scouring Pad, 3/8 in Thickness, 6 in Length, 3-1/2 in Width, Blue Trimaco SuperTuff pre-cut rag colored t-shirt knit rags. Absorbent and colorfast. Use throughout the home, office, marine and industry. Reusable and machine washable. Use for staining, polishing, cleaning and faux finishing. The microfiber high performance cloth traps dirt, dust and grease without the need of using chemical. The cloths are all lint and streak-free. Helps you get the perfect clean and sheen each time.
Quickie 112 Professional Spout Brush 3M 9055 Scotch Brite Scrubbing Sponges SCRUBBER PLASTIC SCRUB BRUSH
Nylon fiber sized to clean percolator stems and small spouts. Convenient hang hole. Dimensions of 2-3/4 in W x-3/4 in D x 12 in H. Scotch-Brite? sponge cloth has the absorbency of a sponge with the cleaning coverage of a wipe. It is durable for tough cleaning jobs, yet soft and flexible to use. Machine washable up to ten times. Quickie Scrub Brush, Blue Bristle, Polypropylene Bristle, 6.15 in Brush Length, 2-3/4 in Brush Width, Iron-Shaped Handle, Plastic Handle, 6-1/4 in Overall Length
Scotch-Brite 560 Non-Scratch Scrubber Refill 3M 223-7 Scotch-Brite Scouring Pads 2CT MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER
Our Price: $3.25
No-scratch scrubber refill. Switchable cleaning head. Fits Nos. 549, 553 and 554 handles. Hang Tag. Scotch-Brite? heavy-duty scour pad is for when its time to pull out all the stops. With its heavy-duty cleaning strength, you'll save on elbow grease when scrubbing the kitchen clean. Great for any serious indoor and outdoor scouring jobs. When it's time to kick dirt to the curb, look no further than MR CLEAN's magic eraser made with Durafoam. It has 2X Stronger cleaning performance than the leading all-purpose bleach spray so it can remove your home's toughest messes like magic. It's a wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, oven door cleaner, light switch cleaner, doors cleaner and more cleaner, all rolled into one.
Use to clean pots, pans and broiler pans. Cleans large surface area which cuts through burnt-on food. Easy to hold will not rust. Durable. 3 pack. Double sided sponge/abrasive. Yellow/green. Pumie works through gentle abrasive action. Takes over where other abrasive cleaning aids leave off. Scours away mineral deposits, rust, stains and scale from sinks, tubs and showers. Removes unsightly toilet rings. Cleans baked-on food, grease and carbon buildup in ovens, on grills and iron cookware. A 100% pumice product. Works through gentle abrasive action. Won't harm hard surfaces. Safe for skin. Safe to use and store around children and pets.
3M 213C Scotch-Brite Scouring Pads PLASTIC SCOURER PAD           TILE/GROUT BRUSH
Specially designed with long-lasting copper edges that cut through tough soil and burnt-on food. Hang tag. Teflon safe. Assorted colors. Polypropylene handle and bristles. handle colors.
3M 7449-T Commercial Sponges 3M HD-3 Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Sponges WIPES GLASS CLEANER 20 COUNT
Scotch-Brite Commercial Sponge, Cellulose, Yellow, 6 in Length, 4-1/4 in Width, 1.6 in Thickness Use to remove tough, baked-on messes from dishes, pots and pans. Great for the kitchen, garage and outdoors. Sanitize in the dishwasher and reuse. Clean any glass surface with these easy-to-use Sprayway glass cleaner wipes. Disposable cleaner wipes are the best way to have any automotive glass or chrome cleaning options on hand when you need it most. Sprayway's world's best glass cleaner is also available in glass cleaner wipes. From mirrors to windshields, all of your automotive glass surfaces will have a streak-free shine with these portable wipes. No paper towels or microfiber cloths needed. Just grab a wipe and get the streak-free shine in an easy on-the-go package. Throw them in your glove box, center console or even your door map pocket.
BRUSH SCRUB 6IN IRON HANDLE   Clorox 12587 Handi Wipes Wiping Cloths Acme HO2 Cleaning Sponge
Designed to ease work when scrubbing tile and grout lines, floors, baseboards, walls and countertops. Natural and synthetic cobalt fibers set in plastic block. 1 in trim length. Reusable, multipurpose absorbent cloths are for wiping, cleaning and scrubbing kitchens, countertops and bathrooms. Our Armaly ProPlus polyester sponge is intended for home, auto and marine washing. Its large size and durability make it a great choice for larger general cleaning projects. This large polyester sponge has a honeycomb structure that makes it extremely absorbent and allows it to rinse completely. The Armaly ProPlus is durable, remains soft and pliable even when dry, is resistant to organic solvents, and can be sterilized by boiling. Because it can be repeatedly reused, it is a very economical polyester sponge.
Quickie 471-3/72 Microfiber Cloth Quickie 469-3/72 Microfiber Cloth NAIL BRUSH
Made of high quality microfiber, this Mycro-touch cloth removes allergens and dust, plus smudges and marks from steel surfaces such as refrigerators, ovens, fixtures and other appliances. The cloth is machine washable and comes with an identification tag to tell you on what surfaces it should be used. Clean those tough bathroom and kitchen messes with this high quality microfiber weave cloth. Microfiber has natural cleaning powers and the textured weave of this cloth enhances its ability to absorb liquids and clean up messes. Use it on counter tops, appliances, bathroom surfaces, paintwork and furniture. The cloth is machine washable and comes with an identification tag to tell you on what surfaces it should be used. Polypropylene handle. 7/8 in polypropylene bristles. handle color.
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