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ProSource JL82102 Sheet Metal Screw Set Diamondback JL82101 Wood Screw Set ProSource JL821033L Bolt/Nut Set
This set of screws is great for appliance assembly, building machinery and other repairs around the home or workshop. Each screw is zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion. The screw set comes organized in a transparent storage box for easy identification and organization. This fine screw set is a must-own for any toolbox. Enjoy the variety in this wood screw kit and carry out all projects you have in mind. Whether you want to hang frames or mount a few hooks, you will surely find everything you need into this kit. Onward products offer unique and creative hardware solution for your home. With the highest quality in finishing hardware to complete any at home project. Quality, creative, innovation and selection. This assortment screws bolts nuts are perfect for electrical connections on household and commercial appliances, automotive and marine uses in which the power source has a threaded/bolt-type connection.
ProSource JL82110 Tack/Pushpin/Clip Set Mintcraft JL821083L Screw/Anchor Set Camo 345099 Driver Bit
Includes (10) push pins, (50) thumb tacks and (15) paper clips. Make your wall mounting DIY project a success with these drywall anchors with screws kit. Get the job done with confidence! The wall screws for hanging are made of rust-proof stainless steel with superior threads, sharp tips, and a strong truss head for easier screwing in your wall targets. The commercial grade wall screws & anchors kit is a perfect addition to any modern household. Use them for hanging panels, decorative items, pictures, and mirrors on concrete walls or plasters, as well as for blinds, shelves, hanging arts, and much more! The simple 3-step installation makes them one of the easiest to use and versatile tools for your home/office. Camo? driver bits have a built-in shoulder that sets automatic depth of drive for maximum holding power and prevents over-driving.
Midwest 23590 Assorted Nail Kit Midwest 11212 Cotter Pin Assortment Midwest 14999 Assorted Anchor Kit
Midwest Fastener Nail Kit Cotter pins are commonly used to retain clevis pins, sprockets, wheel axles, pulley & flywheels. Contains 120-Piece. Durable and reusable container with items such as anchors, toggle bolts with wings, bolts and screws. Contains enough items to complete multiple projects.
Midwest 14998 Assorted Wood and Sheet Metal Screw Kit Midwest 14993 Assorted Handyman Fastener Kit Midwest 14997 Assorted Nut and Washer Kit
Durable and reusable container with assorted types and sizes. Contains enough items to complete multiple projects. Durable and reusable container with assorted kinds and sizes of screws, bolts, washers and nuts. Durable and reusable container with assorted types and sizes to complete multiple projects.
Midwest 14994 Assorted Household Fastener Kit Midwest 14995 Assorted Nail/Tack/Brad Kit CLIP STARTER 25 COUNT
Durable and reusable container with items such as picture hangers, anchors, push pins, cup hooks, nails, brads and screws. Durable and reusable container with multiple sizes nails, tacks and brads. Contains enough items to complete multiple projects. Camo Starter Clip, Stainless Steel
EDGE TOOL HIDDEN FSTNR MRKSMN CLIP DECK EDGE 90 COUNT       Camo Marksman Pro 0345001 Deck Fastening System
Our Price: $66.79
Designed for installing treated lumber with Camo hidden fasteners only. Heavy-duty, contractor-grade. The Camo? Marksman Pro is a heavy-duty contractor-grade tool. The Marksman Pro positions Camo? deck screws to penetrate the deckboard. This tool easily adjusts to fit 3 1/4 in to 5 3/4 in deckboards and clamps securely to the deckboard. The Marksman Pro also provides automatic 3/16 in spacing between boards and has dual screw guides that enable both sides of the board to be fastened to the joist with single tool placement.
DECK TOOL HIDDEN FASTNR PRO-X1 Kreg KJDECKSYS Deck Jig System Protec-Kote SDK-C262W-525 Weather Resistant Deck Screw 2-5/8 in
Camo? Marksman Pro-X1 is the ideal solution for installation of treated lumber decks. The Pro-X1 is designed with a 1/16 in spacer to allow the smallest of gaps between deck boards. Ideal for installation of wet treated deck boards that will shrink as they dry naturally. Whether you're building a new deck or refinishing an old one, you want to do the job right. With the Kreg? Deck Jig? and a few simple tools you already own, you can create a beautiful and functional deck surface that is completely free of exposed fasteners and painful splinters. Traditional concealed-decking systems utilize awkward steel fasteners or thin plastic clips to hold your deck boards in place. The Kreg? Deck Jig? utilizes a more straightforward approach, creating an incredibly strong wood-to-wood bond through precisely-placed self-tapping screws. Securing a deck board with the Kreg? Deck Jig? takes three simple steps. First, you drill holes into the edge of your deck board using the specialized stepped bit, guided by the jig's hardened-steel drill guides. Next, drive the specialized self-tapping deck screws through the same drill guides and into the joist as the depth collar precisely controls the depth. That's it, you're done. Works great with native softwoods such as redwood and cedar, along with certain tropical hardwoods like ipe, red Balau and ironwood. Kreg? deck screws were designed specifically for use with the Kreg? Deck Jig?, although they can also be used as simple face-screws for a variety of outdoor projects. All Kreg? deck screws feature a KTX #1 square drive to reduce cam-out, a flat-bottom head that helps prevent splitting and a self-tapping tip that drills its own hole as it's driven. Kreg? stainless screws provide the excellent protection against corrosion in the long-term. These high-quality decking screws are ideal for use with the Kreg Deck Jig? or as a general fastener for a wide variety of deck projects. Protec-Kote? features three anti-corrosion layers chemically-combined to provide strong protection against rust and corrosion in many common outdoor applications. Ideal for ACQ-treated lumber.
Deckmaster G5 DMG5CP Grooved Deck Clip EB-TY 175-EBTYS Hidden Deck Fastener TOOL DRIVER HIGH SPEED DECKING
Deckmaster G6 deck clips have been reengineered to meet and exceed the highest standards for hidden fastening deck clip systems. The new patent pending design features a much stronger 4 wing uni-body construction, 30% more steel and 2000 hrs GrabberGard? corrosion protection. The EB-TY premium hidden deck-fastening system is the ideal solution that blends strength with ease of installation in a fastener that won't detract from the deck's finished appearance. Simpson Strong-Tie has redesigned the award-winning EB-TY hidden deck-fastening system by integrating a Type 300 Series stainless steel reinforcing plate that adds stiffness to hold boards in place securely, yet maintains flexibility when seasonal contraction and expansion occur. Combine this innovative new design with our EB-GUIDE pre-drilling tool and you have a system that not only provides hidden strength, but is also easy to install.
Camo Edge Clip, Head Type: Trim, Head Size: #7, Drive Type: Star, Drive Size: T15, Point Type: Sharp, Stainless Steel, 2-1/4 in L Camo Edge X-Clip, Head Type: Trim, Head Size: #7, Drive Type: Star, Drive Size: T15, Point Type: Sharp, Stainless Steel, 2-1/4 in L Camo Edge Clip, Head Type: Trim, Head Size: #7, Drive Type: Star, Drive Size: T15, Point Type: Sharp, Stainless Steel, 2-1/4 in L